To understand the importance of sustainability entails an all-encompassing grasp of what it means and how it is achieved. Yes, this sounds very complicated, but it is a simple notion used to ensure future comfort for consumers. Sustainability is easily achieved with small changes in our day-to-day patterns and habits. A sustainable choice is as easy as buying produce from a farmer's market instead of a chain store - or, wearing activewear that uses recycled materials to produce the fabric.

In a time where the world was faced with much uncertainty about our future and wellbeing, there was never such a great need to invest in sustainability. In the fashion industry, this specific investment has become more and more important. Natural conservation of resources and materials is the real change needed to ensure future longevity. A sustainable way is beneficial not only for us, but for mother earth as well.

Sustainability is an educational process which takes time to implement. It is a true shift of mind to make better decisions - going against your regular instinct. For some time, we have been too used to a fashion community which does not value carefully considered fabrics and materials. Instead, we became part of a mass-produced industry that satisfied a selfish consumer appetite.

Our brand is proud to be using recycled material composed out of plastic bottles and other waste materials. It truly is the recreation of waste into wealth. N3YH's eco-luxe athleisure wear supports the slow fashion revolution. By now you might be thinking: "Another complex notion difficult to grasp?" 

A sustainable way is beneficial not only for us,
but for mother earth as well.

The slow fashion revolution can be described as the sister of sustainability. Together these sister-ideas contribute and ensure a fashion industry which is held accountable for unethically produced clothing. The focus is placed on making the entire chain of production as sustainable as possible. From sourcing materials to manufacture fabrics to making the garments. All processes used by outlets must ensure that the fashion industry is productively sustainable.

So what does N3YH do to form part of the sustainable slow fashion revolution? Firstly, our activewear range is composed out of recycled fabric. The recycled fabric consists of everyday scrap materials such as plastic bottles and bags. The loungewear is composed of bio-based breathable bamboo fabric. Our garments are not mass-produced, but rather locally produced in Cape Town, South Africa. Each garment is specifically designed to use a particular amount of fabric to result in minimal off-cuts. These leftover pieces, if there are any, are used to produce smaller useable products like hair scrunchies.

It's a privilege to form part of a revolution, as we are the revolution. We ignite the passion to ensure a sustainable future by not only caring what we put into our bodies, but also what we put onto our bodies. A simple change in your daily routine and attire is all that is needed to invest in a better environment.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." as per the words of revolutionary philosopher and author, Mahatma Gandhi. If only he knew that this change could be effected with a fashion revolution.

Our lifestyles have drastically changed as we are more health conscience. We are focused on the wellness of family, friends, and our homes. Sustainability aims at integrating the eco-friendliness of fashion with the beneficial factors of a balanced lifestyle which includes food choices, social aspects, and emotional wellbeing. Sustainability is not a trend. It's a privilege to be able to live a life which is considerate of fauna, flora and friends.

Sustainability is an educational process which takes time to implement.

Sustainability is a topic which can lead to much debate. On the one hand, whether sustainability can really be reached after such a long time of having never-minded consumers and on the other hand, realising the importance of ensuring that our choices result in sustainable outcomes.

As an eco-luxe activewear and loungewear brand, our passion is invested in making sure that we do our part in the sustainable slow fashion revolution. Consumers of our brand can pride themselves in buying and wearing well thought of garments which takes into account nature, wellbeing and future longevity.

Doing good for yourself and others shouldn't be complicated. It is really as easy as wearing sustainable clothing - and if you recommend it to others, change is given an exponential effect. This is your privilege. Use it.

N3YH is a clothing range which prides itself in ethically produced garments. Our brand gives you the privilege of a sustainable choice so that you can look good, feel good and do good. Be #ActiveInYourWorld with unique, feminine inspired wear.

February 25, 2022