The N3YH Story

What is the
brand about?

"To have the privilege of a sustainable choice is a luxury."
Tanja Merlo Wobmann, Founder of N3YH.

N3YH garments are locally and ethically produced in Cape Town, South Africa. The production of our aesthetic day-to-night outfits supports the slow fashion revolution as we are not only focused on creating trends for now but ensuring sustainable fashion in the future. We pride ourselves on a zero-waste philosophy. The fabric waste is used to create matching baby rompers and other matching accessories.

"Our fabrics are of soft feeling premium quality prints with natural, floral-inspired patterns. Exclusivity and quality trump quantity as our clothing is not mass-produced and is specifically designed to create a unique outfit for each body type."
Michelle Duckitt, Designer of N3YH.

The activewear range is composed of recycled and sustainable materials to ensure a form-fitting, second-skin feeling outfit for when you are on the go. With unique, fashion-forward prints and versatile garments, you are enabled to be #activeinyourworld in style. Our sleepwear range makes you as comfortable as you are by day, but by night. With breathable organic bamboo fabric, you’ll be embraced by an ultra-soft matching ensemble to chill in style. Matching baby rompers are available in the same raw, soft bamboo material to create a matching set perfect as a gift to moms-to-be. The sleepwear sets can also be gifted to a close girlfriend or be a comfy treat for yourself.

Our brand ensures that you can do what you need to while feeling comfortable and like yourself in a fashionable outfit. Whether you are active or chilling, you have the privilege of a sustainable choice whilst being fashion-forward. With N3YH your choice is made with an eco-friendly conscience.

N3YH lets you look good, feel good and do good.

Sincerely yours,

the N3YH Team

Sustainably Sourced

Our sustainable, slow fashion approach is aimed towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing garments with the future influence on the fashion market in mind. N3YH clothing has an impact on the community at large whilst reducing a negative impact on the environment. The fabrics are composed of recycled materials and natural raw fibres. Our local manufacturer pride themselves in fair labour and trade standards. N3YH’s philosophy is to enable consumers to have the best of both worlds – a sustainable outfit which creates an aesthetic style.

Designed With Love

Our prints are designed with a feminine, subtle touch, and inspired by nature's floral, organic silhouettes. Every pattern is unique and special on its own. There is a pattern for everybody, find your favorite one.

The privilege of a sustainable choice.