Nowadays there is no excuse for loungewear to be out of fashion or not on trend. We see typical pyjamas with different eyes. That old, reliable track pant and hoodie that you come home to after a long day at the office. It's loungewear. It is what the word states it to be - wear in which you lounge, but can it be more than simply something to be lounging in? We want to feel comfortable, yet fashionable as the new normal has become to work from home (joining a Zoom meeting with the bare basics - mascara and a matching loungewear set).

The familiarity of memorable colours is comforting.

"Lounging", as was referred to pre-Covid 19, has a new definition, especially under N3YH. Our brand's loungewear is classy, yet productive, but most importantly fashionable and comfortable. It is being in the ultimate matching set that equips you with an ensemble ready for work, whether it's sending a quick email, doing online school projects with the kids, or preparing a meal for the family.

Recently a new style has come to light and as our lives get increasingly more on-the-go, we need apparel that does the same. A great need arose for an outfit that embraces your body and enables you to tick off that to-do list whilst being on trend.

Let's face it, all of us were faced with new challenges, new ways of doing daily tasks that were second nature to us. What most of us forgot is that we still had to keep our individuality and keep in touch with our joyful side. Things became dull real soon as the world, basically, shut down.

Now, we are renewed, adapted and ready to conquer the new way of being productive yet stylish. The loungewear trend aims at exactly this. More specially, N3YH's loungewear is designed for this goal. To make you feel loved, cherished, embraced all while you are busy expressing your creative side or crunching numbers.

You are able to express your inner artist with romantic, floral prints. With a variety of specially picked designs there is a set for every day, every mood and every task all according to your preference.

To be classy and productive at the same time is not only a privilege, but a choice. A choice to be yourself, although you are slowly changing into a better version of yourself. You create a universe in which style and service run parallel - all through your attire. Your unique loungewear.

It's strange how we draw a connection between a certain colour and a certain emotion. A modern colour palette consisting of mostly pastels and natural colours, is attributed to the emotions of calmness and collectedness. This is what you want to be when you are multitasking on an everyday basis. A sophisticated colour palette which can uplift and embrace you with the feeling that you express on a specific day.

The familiarity of memorable colours is comforting. To be able to feel like the set of loungewear you are wearing is an emotional connection which reflects you as being classy and considered. Sometimes words just isn't enough, so why not let your outfit do the talking for you?

Now, let's talk comfort. When you hear breathable ultrasoft raw bamboo fabric, you hear elite comfortableness. This fabric ensures a second- skin feeling which moves with your body. It's smooth and flowy but still accentuating to give you the ultimate classy comfort. N3YH's idea of comfort is one which includes the notions of luxury, pleasure and relaxation.

Loungewear is not a trend, it's a lifestyle. You connect with a matching set of raw bamboo garments on an emotional and productive level. Lounging is not seen as just relaxing in our modern age. It's a way to get more things done in an effective manner, as this is what is expected from us today.

You too can be a part of a lifestyle which allows you to be both tranquil and effective. Combining these two worlds through something as simple as loungewear is quite impressive. You are able to thoroughly think through your tasks and enjoy quiet time with loved ones, all in one fashionable outfit.

Loungewear is not a trend, it's a lifestyle.

It is your do-all, feel-good set with versatile function. It is lounging on a next level, adaptive to our new circumstances albeit at work or home. Loungewear that takes you from day to night, it's that simple.

N3YH is a clothing range which prides itself in ethically produced garments. Our brand gives you the privilege of a sustainable choice so that you can look good, feel good and do good. Be #ActiveInYourWorld with unique, feminine inspired wear.

February 25, 2022