As we evolve and adapt, we start to move differently. We move more frequently, faster and more importantly, we move fashionably. Our bodies need to be embraced by activewear which moves with us, but with an eco-conscience. Luxurious activewear which enables the best version of yourself in a natural and healthy way.

There was a time where we found ourselves stuck in a daily routine of waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee, checking emails, preparing dinner, sleeping and repeat. This routine played like a broken record every day. Now we are slowly moving out of a pandemic era into a renewed era of health consciousness. We start to move again, albeit difficult and differently. The sound of a refreshed perspective softly plays in the background of our new reality.

What makes N3YH activewear not only special, but significantly different from other brands? Our activewear is designed to supply women with essential items that  are versatile and functional. Active apparel that is perfect for everyday living while keeping the fashion aspect intact.

Our activewear's colour palette was specifically chosen to uplift and boost moods. With a variety   of natural pastel colours, women can choose a specific collection which reflect their emotive values and concerns. The natural palette is comforting and calming. The colours of the garments are versatile, yet subtle in order to create a sense of individuality for each female consumer.

To complement each colour, a unique print is added. The designer prints all boast with floral elements symbolising the intricate character and complex softness of women. The floral designs are also fashion forward creating a luxurious outfit.

Every woman has that one black dress or comfortable pair of jeans which will always be part of their closet. We aimed to design activewear with the same idea - essential, sustainable items that form part of the so-called “basics” of your wardrobe. Our activewear garments are versatile, functional and comfortable.

Versatility in our items is synonym to timelessness. N3YH garments are fashionable in 2022, but also in the future fashion forecast. This is how we promote longevity and ensure that consumers can wear our items as part of their everyday routine for a lasting period of time. This also forms part of our sustainability mantra.

To complement each colour,
a unique print is added.

Comfort has become a great concern for many women. We want to feel embraced, highlighted and fabulous. Activewear has a negative connotation as being only designed for the skinniest, toned body. N3YH ensures a second-skin feeling which embraces female body types. The female silhouette is accentuated with form-fitting items printed with blossoming designs.

We move between the workplace, home living and social gatherings all in the wink of an eye. Multitasking has become out second nature. There is a need for activewear that moves with you. This is the functionality of N3YH activewear. It is suitable for a catch-up with friends or meeting with colleagues. Modern functionality is when you can do all with one outfit.

Movement is widespread from high-impact outdoor adventures to a calm yoga class. Activewear that stretches with your down-dog pose or that is flexible enough to take the leap on a hike - this is what we offer. It becomes a part of you.

We take pride in honouring quality over quantity. The activewear range is produced with the fines quality eco-polyester. This is quality, sustainable fashion. The items are not mass-produced ensuring that every stitch and pattern is made with ultimate care. We know you care, and so do we.

Modern functionality
is when you can do
all with one outfit.

Activewear that resembles the signature outfit of a female hero is what we produce. This apparel aims to empower women. Clothing them in a fashionable outfit versatile enough to move with them and supporting them through their daily routine. It is activewear which enables the togetherness between worlds of work, home and exercise.

An era which is known for diverse and unique women should be complemented with attire which embraces these differences between them. Fashion has always been the common ground between different cultures, religions and believes. Activewear is no longer just for being active. This wear allows you to actively make a difference, have an impact and be the best version of yourself. Our brand enables you to be active in your own world, no matter how it looks.

N3YH is a clothing range which prides itself in ethically produced garments. Our brand gives you the privilege of a sustainable choice so that you can look good, feel good and do good. Be #ActiveInYourWorld with unique, feminine inspired wear.

February 25, 2022