Mother earth is a beautiful, ever-green planet housing her children, fauna and flora. For us, she is something to be respected, loved and thought of with the future in mind.

As a new brand, N3YH is celebrating its first Earth Day, dedicating time to recognise the need to ensure sustainability through fashion. This brand is proud to be an eco-friendly brand and forms part of the slow fashion revolution, not just on this significant day, but every day.  

Earth Day has been celebrated for the last fifty-two years and the 22nd of April marks the anniversary of the establishment of the modern environmental movement. It has been thirty-two years that this day is celebrated globally, giving rise to awareness and activist protests which endorses recycling efforts and a clean environment.  

The topics of global warming, climate change, reusing and recycling as well as ensuring a green future, has been heavily debated on social media platforms. Earth Day serves as a facilitator of people all around the world to discuss their opinions and efforts with other activists who share the same view. In 2020, over a billion people across the world formed part of transforming discussions, marking the highest number of people yet to be part of this glorious day. 

What role does N3YH play in celebrating Earth Day? This brand’s philosophy is exactly what this day is about, except that eco-friendly change occurs in a stylish, fashionable manner. N3YH locally produces garments made of natural, raw fibres as well as recycled materials. It is produced as part of the slow fashion revolution which takes into account every aspect of the chain of supply. This means that every piece of clothing is specifically designed with a purpose in mind, every seamstress is handled with respect and every garment is sewed with the ultimate care and perfection.  

Being part of the slow fashion revolution means that this brand cares about ensuring quality products from the start to finish. This revolution cares about the designer, the maker, the seller, and the consumer. It brings the manufacturing cycle in a full circle based on the ethics of eco-friendliness and sustainability.  

N3YH garments are specially designed to ensure minimal waste or off-cuts during the production process. If there are any waste material, it is used to produce other products such as hair scrunchies and baby rompers. This is yet another way in which the brand fully commits to the slow fashion revolution and mantra for which Earth Day is known for – thinking with the future in mind. 

There is a great need to start thinking ahead and about the effects of daily human activities on our community and environment around us. Earth Day and the message which it spreads try to manifest thoughts about what we put into conserving our planet and what we can possibly get out. When we are part of a greener future, it also ensures that you and the next generations get to breath clean, fresh air.  

Preservation of minerals and resources offered by mother earth, might sound very complicated and like a tiresome process, but with N3YH it is as easy as putting on our garments which are both eco-friendly and locally produced. Already, in a fashionable manner, you are doing good, while feeling good as well.  

This Earth Day, celebrate sustainability and a greener future with N3YH bio-based and recycled garments. Being considerate of nature and environmental conditions have never been this easy. You too can be part of a fashion revolution that is focused on much more than commercialised products.  


April 22, 2022