Welcome to the captivating world of N3YH, where sustainability and style intertwine seamlessly. Picture a remarkable woman, whose boundless creativity breathes life into a brand that not only stunningly dresses you but also makes a positive impact on our environment. That's what N3YH is all about.

Right from the start, N3YH has been committed to offering a wide range of styles and patterns that cater to various tastes. Their debut collection, launched in March 2022, was a vibrant explosion of colours and floral inspiration. With five unique designs, this is a pattern that will capture the heart of every fashion enthusiast.

They recognised that some individuals prefer a more understated approach to fashion, which is why they introduced their latest collection featuring neutral tones like charcoal, vanilla beige, and cinnamon brown. It's all about empowering you to express yourself comfortably and authentically.

Each garment they create is meticulously designed and produced with love in Cape Town, in collaboration with carefully selected small factories. However, their commitment to the environment extends far beyond the production process. N3YH utilises recycled materials for their activewear and resort wear, ensuring that your fabulous outfit comes with an eco-conscious twist. When it comes to loungewear and PJs, they embrace the softest bamboo fabrics, enveloping you in a gentle and comforting embrace throughout the day or night.

N3YH believes that sustainability should be infused into every aspect of their brand, and their choice of materials is a testament to that. They strive to make fashion not only stylish but also environmentally friendly, allowing you to express yourself while making a positive impact on the planet.

But wait, there's more! N3YH takes their sustainability mission to the next level by minimising waste. They transform fabric scraps into accessories and adorable baby rompers, allowing you to embrace a matching mini-me style. No fabric is left behind in their quest to create something beautiful and reduce their environmental impact.

Who is the N3YH customer, you may wonder? They cater to the busy lady on the go, someone who takes care of herself and values quality over quantity. If you question where your garments are made and want to make a positive change in the fashion industry, N3YH is the brand for you.

They follow a slow fashion philosophy, ensuring that every step of the process, from fabric to packaging to work ethics, aligns with their sustainability goals.

By choosing N3YH, you're making a statement that fashion can be both stylish and environmentally friendly. Now let's jump into an exclusive interview with the mastermind behind N3YH, the fabulous head designer.

We'll uncover some of the brand's secrets and get to know the visionary behind it all.

Q1: What inspired your latest collection?

A: N3YH is famous for its signature colourful floral patterns, but we wanted to cater to all fashion tastes. That's why we added neutral colours this year. As a natural and sustainable brand, we believe that grounding, earthy tones complement our identity perfectly. So, we created a collection featuring charcoal, vanilla beige, and cinnamon brown activewear sets. It's all about embracing the beauty of nature while looking stylish.

Q2: Who is your style icon?
A: When it comes to fashion icons, the legendary "Karl Lagerfeld" undoubtedly comes to mind. He was truly the king of fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. However, as a brand, we don't have a specific role model. In fact, we strive to create something different and unique. Our goal is to design clothing pieces that not only make women feel comfortable (we prioritise garments that are easy on the skin) but also stylish. By choosing our clothing line, you not only look good but also do good, as your purchase contributes to our positive impact on the world.

Q3: What advice would you give to someone trying to get into the design/fashion world?
A: First and foremost, prioritise your business ethics and practices. Make sustainability a priority and strive for longevity in your designs. It's crucial to create garments of top quality that can be worn and cherished for a long time. In a world saturated with fast fashion brands, stand out by doing good and proudly sharing your sustainable initiatives.

In addition, I highly recommend paying attention to the business aspect of your venture. Be mindful of initial costs and budgeting, as creating a brand often requires more investment than initially anticipated. It's important for us, as creative individuals, not to overlook the financial side of the business. If you, as a designer, prefer to focus solely on the creative process and don't want to deal with financial matters, consider having someone knowledgeable and experienced in that area on your team. They can handle the business side while you concentrate on what you love most— creating amazing designs.

Q4: What are some of your must-have items for the season?
A: One of my personal secrets is to start with the right basic pieces and then have fun playing around with exciting accessories. I love styling outfits that are colourful and vibrant. Floral dresses are timeless and loved by everyone. But it's not just about looking good outside the house; you should also feel great at home. That's why our pretty loungewear sets are a must-have for me. They combine comfort and style perfectly.

Q5: What was the highlight of your career in fashion thus far?
A: One of the highlights of my career was managing a fashion magazine in Switzerland. I enjoyed the fast pace and competitiveness of the industry. I learned a lot during that time, sometimes through challenging experiences. However, now that I have my own brand, I find even greater joy in being able to create at my own pace, ensuring quality and control. We're not rushing; we're building our brand step by step. And we have some exciting plans ahead!

Q6: Who is your dream celebrity client?
A: If we're talking internationally, my dream celebrity client would definitely be Kim Kardashian. I underestimated her influence and power in society. She has a global voice that resonates with people all over the world.

Q7: How would you describe your personal style?
A: My personal style is all about remaining classy, timeless, and forever elegant. I tend to gravitate towards neutral colours like black, cream, and brown, with an occasional touch of red in my nail polish or handbag. However, I've recently developed a fondness for emerald green. Whether it's a dress or wide trousers, it always makes a statement. Although I've opened up to more colourful patterns, especially floral prints, I still prefer to see them on others while I feel more comfortable in neutrals.

Q8: What style tips can you give to your clients and our readers?
A: The most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. Never feel like you're disguised when dressing up for an event. It's okay to take inspiration from others and even copy their styles, but always strive to make it better and make it your own. Have role models for styling and seek inspiration from social media, but don't feel obligated to follow every trend. Trends come and go, and you don't want to constantly spend money on new pieces. Invest in statement pieces that may cost a bit more, take care of them, and cherish them for a long time.

Q9: What is your earliest fashion memory?
A: I have fond memories of sneaking into my grandma's walk-in closet and playing dress-up with her high heels and fur coat. I would come out and act like a very classy and chic lady. Those were some of my earliest fashion adventures.

Q10: Where do you envision your brand in 5 years?
A: N3YH's first priority is to establish a strong presence in South Africa, where our roots are. While we receive international requests, particularly from the US market, we're not yet ready to ship abroad and expand globally. For now, we want to remain a boutique, niche brand for a few more years. We'll focus on product development and then gradually expand. In five years, our vision is to have an international reputation while proudly representing South Africa. Our main goal is to continue producing everything locally, despite the challenges, and remain loyal to this incredible country.

August 07, 2023